Chris MacCarthy is a solo artist from Chicago, IL (native of Grand Forks, ND). His music has been compared to Sufjan Stevens, Nick Cave, Evan Dando (The Lemonheads), Thom Yorke (Radiohead), and Cat Power.

In October 2002 Chris was selected personally by Matt Sweeney (Zwan / Chavez) to perform at the infamous Jack Sweeney Open Mic at the Hideout, sharing the stage with Billy Corgan along with the other members of Zwan, and Rick Nielsen (Cheap Trick).

Chris has frequently played a variety of Chicago's best clubs such as Subterranean, The Hideout, Uncommon Ground, The Note, Elbo Room, Gunther Murphys, Wise Fools, Lilly's Bar, Hoghead McDunna's, Silvies, Red Line Tap, Heartland Cafe, Pint, U.S. Beer Company, The Mutiny, The Big Horse Lounge, The Gallery Caberet, and Phyliss Musical Inn. Chris has also been a featured artist and has performed live on a variety of radio shows including Chicago's "Fearless Radio".
Chris has also received great reviews performing in other cities such as Minneapolis, St. Paul, Santa Monica, and San Diego.

Chris MacCarthy released his first full length solo album "Lake Michigan" in February 2006 which was recorded at Million Yen Studios with producer Andy Gerber (Cheap Trick, Local H, Smoking Popes).

For booking inquiries contact: booking (at) chrismaccarthy (dot) com


San Diego show reviewed by SDAM

Show Review
Chris MacCarthy
Hot Java Cafe - Carmel Mountain
February 17th 2007

Although Chris MacCarthy lives in Chicago, he has been down here touring San Diego for the past week.

MacCarthy's music seems to reflect the current snowy weather at his home. It is very mellow and delicate sounding, even when he is almost shouting his words with emotion. It is music that you can easily enjoy on a quiet day. If your day isn't quiet enough, MacCarthy will make up for any chaos over the preceding hours. This is reason enough to buy his CD.

Beside the music, the atmosphere of the venue was very comfortable. The crowd stayed quiet during MacCarthy's songs, but burst into applause after each song.

Just one or two songs into the set, my friend turned to me and whispered "I like his voice!" I agree wholeheartedly.
-Allison Barnes, SDAM Staff Writer


A Poem by
Thax Douglas

Chris MacCarthy

The emotional
equivalent of the long
neck of a giraffe -
or the endlessly lengthening
beak of a duck
with the song at the
very tip to be
gently kissed onto
the leaves of the
highest tree tips where
the juiciest most
unspoiled ears ripen -
the pollenated
ears drop to the
ground, assuming
future generations
will discover
the technology of

Chris MacCarthy's music is like a dream out of the forgotten youth of my past.
I put his tapes into my radio whenever I get too awake into the future.
His subtlety is misleading; his violent guitar work and taunting lyrics are
a wolf in sheep's clothing for any would-be listener.
He invites them in to his realm with quiet disinterest, then promptly ravages
the ears and the mind with a multi-toothed flatpicking assault,
rendering his audience dumbfounded and defenseless against
the pleading, accusatory lyrical message of his songs.
The sound of Chris MacCarthy's music puts the shine upon a sunny day and is the
big black cloud coming to storm down on your head.

-Joe Greenwood, Blackwood Press